A New Theory and Practice Podcast – Connected Leadership

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Tomorrow morning (Saturday, February 21, 8 A.M. CST), I will be joined by Spike Cook, Jessica Johnson, and Theresa Stager to discuss connected leadership. The title references Spike’s book from Corwin, part of the Connected Educator series.

During the podcast, we will discuss three articles I summarized from a previous post here at Theory and Practice. This podcast will be broadcasted live, either by clicking here or the embedded video below. In the meantime, leave a comment on this page to possibly win a free copy of Spike’s book!


4 thoughts on “A New Theory and Practice Podcast – Connected Leadership”

    1. Thanks Sara. I appreciate the comment. Someone else ended up with Spike’s book, but I would happy to send you a copy of my eBook, Digital Student Portfolios. Let me know if interested.

  1. It’s so interesting to hear leaders’ perspective on communication styles and, the point that Dr. Spike brought up, common conditioning that others bring to the relationship. As a teacher, I’ve often wondered how administrators manage the sheer weight of all they have to handle. Thank you for sharing your insights publicly.

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